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    Rehab centre for addictions

    Do you want to start living, or simply continue existing?

    Autognosia rehab centre for addictions provides support and help for persons suffering from addictions. The centre was founded in 2008 by Kostas and Eva, two people who themselves have won the difficult battle against addictions. We are one of the first private rehab centres for addictions and psychological support in Greece. Since its opening we have managed to successfully help hundreds of people, thanks to the dedication and passion of its two founders as well as the professionalism of our staff and the strict guidelines of our program.

    Our specialized team can help you to finally be free from your addiction, whether this is from drugs, alcohol or gambling.


        Our treatment philosophy & premises

        The first and most important step for someone wanting to be free of addictions is for them or their closest family to get into contact with us. For someone to begin treatment they must have first faced their problem and be fully aware and conscious of their problem.

        Usually this is very hard and difficult to happen without the guidance and support of loved ones. If you need help in convincing someone to recognize his problem with addiction, we can help you. We will guide you to find the best and most appropriate way to convince your loved one to give themselves the greatest gift, the freedom from addictions.

        Our treatment is based on the following steps, and includes:

        • Personalised treatment plan
        • Group therapy with worldwide recognized methods
        • 12 Step
        • personalised treatment plan
        • Orientation & mentoring
        • Medical assesment
        • Psychiatric assesment
        • After care planning
        • Art based psychotherapy group
        • Family programme
        • One to one
        • Group therapy (twice daily)
        • Individual therapy (once daily)
        • Medication support (we are in cooperation with a private clinic)
        • Medditeranean & Greek traditional nutrition support
        • Relapse programme
        • Yoga and holistic therapy
        • Daily excursions for clients to experience the natural and historical beauty of Greece with the aid of our lovely warm climate.

        Here at Autognosia we work on a “from inside to out” method, providing free weekly support to the family of the person being treated, with complete confidentiality, discretion and responsibility.

        All our treatments are carried out by a team of highly trained and experienced therapists, counselors and psychological support consultants. Many of our staff members have themselves experienced addictions in the past and have successfully freed themselves from them for over two decades. This experience motivated them into further education and studies in psychology, having as ultimate goal to help others facing the same problems that they have managed to overcome.

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